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Co-op goes smoke free

Co-op goes smoke free

Local smokers will face another deterrent to give up their daily addiction as the Barossa’s Co-op becomes a non-smoking precinct.

The first stage will be implemented on February 1 and will prohibit smoking within 15 metres of the entrance to all shops. The second phase will introduce no smoking on any of The Co-op’s property, which will come into affect on May 1.

The Co-op’s chief executive officer, Mr Graeme Longmuir said they are supporting the majority of members who would like the organisation to become a non-smoking precinct.

“We have had lots of complaints from young families, elderly people and from outsiders saying it’s nice (the mall) but walking through a haze of smoke is not a very attractive thing for The Co-op,” said Mr Longmuir.

“We are doing it for the majority and understand there will be some people that are affected from this decision.”

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